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Economic Report

Turkey: export-led growth

The past decade saw Turkey move away from the boom-bust cycles of the past. The new export industries are a good step in the right direction, but more is needed. This Special Report takes account of the past, while also considering the road ahead.

Economic Report

Turkey: long term outlook

The past decade saw Turkey break with its turbulent past. This final Special Report on Turkey’s long-term economic prospects discusses our expectations for the coming decade in all these areas.

Economic Report

Turkey: political and social situation

Located in both Europe and Asia, Turkey is often regarded as the bridge between east and west. This Special Report considers Turkey’s current social and political situation, as well as the challenges ahead.

Economic Report

Turkey: financing growth

Turkey’s growth performance over the past decade has been impressive but not without risks. This study looks at mechanisms to improve Turkey’s domestic savings rate, as well as the country’s efforts to guarantee long-term investments from abroad.


Catastrofias, Peerlusconi en Panicos (Dutch)

De kern van het Cypriotische probleem ligt meer bij de overheid dan bij de sterk uitgedijde bankensector. Sinds 2012 zijn Cypriotische banken nagenoeg geheel afhankelijk geworden van steun van de ECB en de Cypriotische centrale bank.