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Country Report Dominican Republic

Despite the Dominican Republic’s good economic performance in recent years, it has not been able to improve its weak external position. The latter is reflected by a low level of FX-reserves, a current account deficit and a large external debt stock.

Country Report

Country Report Honduras

Although former president Lobo has taken some positive steps to improve the political landscape, Honduras still faces multiple challenges, among others: reducing its large current account deficit and improving its institutional framework.

Country Report

Country Report Brazil

Brazil’s current account deficit has increased strongly in 2013, but the large foreign exchange reserves continue to mitigate balance of payments risks. Meanwhile, the central bank has continued its aggressive tightening cycle.


De koppigheid van markten (Dutch)

Financiële markten zijn net kleine kinderen. Je vertelt wat er gaat gebeuren en vervolgens reageren ze eerst alsof ze van niets weten.