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Duitsland: regionale verschillen in de economische structuur (Dutch)

Duitsland kent aanzienlijke regionale verschillen, niet alleen tussen de voormalige DDR en de voormalige BRD, maar ook tussen het zuiden en de rest van Duitsland. Ook nemen de verschillen tussen de grootstedelijke agglomeraties en het platteland toe.

Economic Comment Dutch version

Greek state of play

After the negotiations between Greece and the institutions were discontinued on Saturday, all eyes are on Greece. With no exposure of Eurozone banks and new mechanisms in place at the European aimed to prevent contagion we do not foresee major contagion events in the event of a Greek default.

Country Report

Country Report Oman

Economic growth is expected to maintain its momentum in the medium term underpinned by strong domestic demand and economic diversification. However, the combination of high government spending and a decreased oil price puts pressure on fiscal sustainability.

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Country Report United Arab Emirates

Although the UAE’s economy is more diversified and less dependent on the oil sector than the surrounding Gulf States, it is strongly affected by the decreasing oil price since the second half of 2014.

Country Report

Country Report Egypt

Domestic stability in Egypt has improved markedly and the economy is showing timid signs of recovery. The government has engaged in bold reforms. Generous aid from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries gives it the financial space to gradually implement those reforms.

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Country Report Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan had a less fortunate economic year in 2014, caused by the decreasing oil price in the second half of last year and the negative wealth effects as a result of the tenge devaluation. For 2015, substantially lower economic growth and twin deficits are expected.

Country Report

Country Report Israel

The Israeli economy is likely to continue to grow at a moderate pace, while the strong growth of mortgage debt and the rise of housing prices pose risks. Meanwhile, a new round of peace talks with the Palestinians is not obvious under a new government that is dominated by nationalists and ultra-Orthodox parties.

Country Report

Country Report Kuwait

The growth of Kuwait’s hydrocarbon dependent economy slowed further in 2014, as oil prices slumped. Stimulating development of the non-oil sector requires reforms that will be difficult to pass, especially if they come at a cost of welfare programmes. Meanwhile, the political situation eased somewhat as the current parliament is proving more cooperative.

Country Report

Country Report Bahrain

The oil price decline negatively affects economic growth and puts pressure on the fiscal position of Bahrain. Meanhile, Saudi Arabia is still (implicitly) backing the Sunni Al-Khalifa regime, both financially and militarily, in an effort to keep Iran at bay.

Economic Quarterly Report

China: flinke afzwakking van de groei (Dutch)

Economische groei in 2015 valt tot nu toe tegen. Vooral groei van investeringen en die van industrie dalen sterk. Overheid blijft hervormen, maar primaat ligt weer meer bij stimulus.

Economic Quarterly Report

Nederlandse economie groeit harder door binnenlandse dynamiek (Dutch)

De Nederlandse economie zal in 2015 en 2016 met 2% groeien. Dit is iets meer dan eerder werd verwacht, dankzij een sterkere toename van de binnenlandse bestedingen. Zowel de consumptie als de investeringen laten een stijging zien. Dit is voor een belangrijk deel te danken aan het herstel van de woningmarkt.

Economic Quarterly Report

Rente en valuta: de strijd tussen liquiditeit en ‘fundamentals’ (Dutch)

De verbeterde vooruitzichten voor de economie en de hogere inflatie vormen op termijn een bron van opwaartse kracht voor de kapitaalmarktrentes in de eurozone. Maar de liquiditeit die het ECB-opkoopprogramma creëert, tempert dit effect. Uitgaande van een eerste renteverhoging door de Fed eind 2015, blijft het ECB-opkoopprogramma uiteindelijk ook de factor die de euro verder zal verzwakken.