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Outlook 2016: Global Economy

Global growth holds up in 2016, but does not accelerate. With the US poised to hike interest rates, the rest of the world waits anxiously. Normalization of monetary policy poses economic risks, but so does keeping it too loose for too long.

Economic Comment

Turkey: surprise landslide victory ensures AKP single-party rule

The AKP’s surprise victory at Turkey’s snap elections restores political stability, but the new cabinet needs to embark on structural reforms and boost central bank independency to uphold investor confidence amid elevated balance-of-payments risks.

Economic Report

Turkije: hoogste tijd voor een nieuwe regering (Dutch)

De verkiezingen van 1 november zullen meer duidelijkheid geven over de toekomstige politieke ontwikkelingen in Turkije, maar een einde van de instabiliteit lijkt niet in zicht. Hierdoor blijft het land buitengewoon kwetsbaar voor abrupte kapitaaluitstroom.

Country Report

Country Report Turkey

Political pressure on the central bank ahead of parliamentary elections contributed to a strong depreciation of the Turkish lira. Concerns about a possible executive presidency after elections and more populist economic policies unnerve investors.