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Country Report Philippines

The institutional quality of the Philippines has improved in recent years, while growth has been relatively high. On the political front, the peace agreement with the MILF bodes well for stability, but relations with China remain poor.

Country Report

Country Report Serbia

Serbia’s newly-elected government promised to embark on a comprehensive structural reform programme as the country’s fiscal situation has deteriorated markedly, but the prospect of faltering economic growth could confront it with considerable social challenges.

Country Report

Country Report Thailand

After the May 22 coup, Thailand is under military control. The risk of large and violent protests remains present. The democracy is unlikely to be restored in the short-term. Whilst in control, the military aims to restore economic growth.

Country Report

Country Report Israel

The Israeli economy is likely to continue to grow at a moderate pace, while the rising mortgage debt and housing prices pose risks. Meanwhile, the latest round of peace talks with the Palestinians collapsed in late April.

Economic Report

Van begrotingsconsolidatie naar banencreatie (Dutch)

Zes landen, waaronder Nederland mogen het Europese strafbankje verlaten omdat hun tekort onder de 3% komt. Daarmee is echter maar een deel van de Europese problemen opgelost. Er moet nog steeds meer worden bezuinigd, en structureel hervormd.