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From Grexit to Agree(k)ment

On 12 July, European leaders reached agreement as a basis to start negotiations on a third support package for Greece. This is under the condition that the Greek parliament accepts the proposal ultimately on Wednesday, after which parliaments in several other member countries have to give their mandate for starting the actual negotiations about the support package.

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Griekenland zegt 'oxi'! (Dutch)

Zondag 5 juli stemden de Grieken in het referendum in ruime meerderheid ‘oxi’ (neen). Wij zien nauwelijks ruimte om tot een akkoord te komen over een derde steunpakket voor Griekenland en achten een Grexit nu het meest waarschijnlijke scenario.

Economic Report Dutch version

Regional outlook Europe

This regional study on Europe focuses on the economic outlook and risks for the entire region, but also on the differences between countries within the area. The purpose of the study is to both benchmark European countries on economic developments and fundamentals and to create a comprehensive view on where Europe’s economies are heading.

Economic Report Dutch version

Europe’s (public) debt challenge

Private and public sector debt is high in many European countries. Public debt challenges seem to be the greatest in Southern European countries, Croatia and Hungary; and lowest in the Nordics and Baltics. Some Western European countries face quite substantial public debt sustainability challenges.