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Trade deal China-US: Phase One, Phase None

The Phase 1 trade deal signed by the US and China in January 2020 has created a temporary but unstable equilibrium. The deal could still collapse and a re-acceleration of trade tensions in 2020 remains our base scenario.


Eurozone recessions, a historical perspective

Against a backdrop of increasing talk about a new Eurozone recession, we first take a deep dive into the historical data. We show that since the 1960s there have basically been two types of recessions: common Eurozone recessions and idiosyncratic (country specific) recessions.

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The great Brexit gamble paid off

The great Brexit gamble paid off: Prime Minister Johnson got his majority in the House of Commons and he will now be able to ‘get Brexit done’. The UK will leave the EU by January 31.


Vooruitgang bij vertraging (Dutch)

De economische groei vertraagt. En voor de toekomst is een lagere trendgroei te verwachten. Ook stuit de economische productie op de grenzen van het herstelvermogen van de natuur. Deze beperkingen dagen uit tot creatieve oplossingen en hopelijk zo tot een duurzame vooruitgang.