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Economic Update Spain

Similar to the last quarter of 2010, export growth is set to grow at a healthy clip in the first quarter of 2011. Domestic demand on the other hand is still very weak.

Country Report

Country Report Iceland

Economic activity in Iceland continued to fall in 2010. However, in 2011 the economy may slowly begin the recover.

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France (Country report)

The French economy recovers gradually and the outlook for the coming years is that the economy will stick to this path of moderate economic growth.

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Greece (Country report)

The Greek austerity and reform programme has been broadly successful in making a running start in 2010. For 2011 the programme is at a cross-roads as the distance yet to cover remains impressive, in terms of both budgetary consolidation and structural reforms.

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Italy (Country report)

The Italian economy has many structural weaknesses, leading to low economic growth before recession and now to a very sluggish recovery. The government deficit is estimated to have been better than expected in 2010, and compares favourably to a number of other European countries.

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Luxembourg (Country report)

Luxembourg's solid economic performance and creditworthiness (i.e. ample financial cushion) shall remain underpinned by a strong public sector balance sheet and exceptionally high levels of prosperity (per capita income was USD 90,000 in 2010).

Country Report

Mexico (Country report)

The Mexican economy recovered strongly from the global economic crisis, posting 5.5% real economic growth last year. Benefitting from Mexico’s strong trade linkages with the US, exports initially drove the recovery, while domestic demand remained relatively tempered due to sluggish real wage growth, lower remittances from the US and remaining spare capacity.

Country Report

Trinidad and Tobago (Country report)

The hydrocarbon-dependent economy of Trinidad and Tobago was hit hard by the global economic downturn. Oil and gas prices tumbled and one of the country’s largest financial conglomerates had to be bailed out by the government.

Country Report

United Kingdom (Country report)

The UK economic recovery is struggling amid the harsh fiscal squeeze. A significant slowdown in the pace of recovery, which will possibly have adverse spill-over effects to the banking sector, is a major risk, in our view.

Country Report

United States of America (Country report)

The US economic recovery is expected to continue this and next year, but is very dependent on continued fiscal and monetary stimulus. As a result of the further fiscal stimulus, the budget deficit is set to increase this year relative to 2010.

Country Report

Uruguay (Country report)

Uruguay’s economy grew rapidly in 2010, fuelled by both domestic and external demand. There is now some overheating risk, as inflation has increased above target in early 2011, while unemployment has reached historically low levels.

Country Report

Portugal (Country report)

The Portuguese economy is heading back to recession. After the fall of the government and with serious upward revisions to the public deficit and debt numbers, financial markets lost further confidence, pushing up the interest rate on government bonds to unsustainable levels.

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Switzerland (Country report)

The Swiss economy is on the path to recovery owing to expansionary monetary and fiscal policies combined with a quick rebound in world trade. That said, a further strengthening of the Swiss franc can pose significant challenges for exporters and monetary policymakers alike.