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Brexit update: transition ON!

The EU and the UK reached an agreement over a transition period on March 19, 2018. That is good for business continuity but does not affect our Brexit outcome base case. Hence, we maintain our view that the economy will slow down in 2018.

Economic Quarterly Report

Rente en valuta: voorzichtig omhoog kijken (Dutch)

Na de stevige turbulentie eind januari/begin februari zijn de financiële markten weer wat tot rust gekomen. De Fed gaat door met renteverhogingen en de ECB zet voorzichtige stappen naar de afbouw van haar ruime monetaire beleid.


US: Is there rising wage growth on the horizon?

We predict wage growth to peak at 3.0 to 3.3% in the next two years. While this is higher than current levels, it’s on the low end of the Fed’s preferred range. At the same time, our models show that we’re already getting close to the peak of the economic cycle.