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US: Is there rising wage growth on the horizon?

We predict wage growth to peak at 3.0 to 3.3% in the next two years. While this is higher than current levels, it’s on the low end of the Fed’s preferred range. At the same time, our models show that we’re already getting close to the peak of the economic cycle.

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German elections: Was nun, Mutti?

While Merkel was the unsurprising winner of yesterday’s elections, the outcome suggests a shift in the German political landscape as the populist far-right AfD came in third. The process of finding a workable coalition starts now, but we may not see a new government before Christmas.


German elections: Merkel looking for a (new) deputy

Angela Merkel is set to win a fourth term as chancellor, thanks to the strong German economy. Her choice of coalition partner will have ramifications beyond Germany. We see a renewed Grand Coalition as the most likely. They may make progress on Eurozone integration.

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Rente en valuta: de kater komt later (Dutch)

De recente ontwikkelingen rondom de positie van president Trump laten zien dat de euforie van de markt over Trumpflatie te voorbarig is geweest. Wel heeft de euro de laatste tijd weer wat van zijn glans teruggekregen. Verder zal de onzekerheid rondom de Brexit-onderhandelingen voorlopig aanhouden, waardoor een herstel in het pond sterling nog niet aan de orde is.

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Economische kerngegevens (Dutch)

De meest recente economische voorspellingen voor de Nederlandse en internationale economie en de financiële markten.