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Germany: recovery back on track?

Germany’s GDP grew 0.1% in 13Q1, primarily driven by private consumption. The cold weather negatively affected growth. We expect recovery to pick up some speed in Q2 on the back of stronger construction activity and solid consumption growth.

Economic Update

Emerging Markets: weak external demand

Struggling with weak external demand, many emerging markets are showing relatively weak economic growth. However, in others, strong domestic demand, private or public, is pushing growth to relatively strong levels.


Conditionele eurobonds als overgangsregime (Dutch)

Sinds begin 2010 staat de eurozone onder grote druk. Het gevaar van het al of niet gedeeltelijk uiteenvallen van de eurozone is nog niet geweken. Een tijdelijk regime van conditionele eurobonds kan voor langere tijd stabiliteit scheppen en legt de juiste prikkels voor beleidsmakers.

Economic Update

Russia: Slowdown continues, stimulus expected

The most recent data shows that economic growth in Russia continues to slow down. There have been talks of a fiscal stimulus package, which is feasible given Russia’s healthy public finances. However, it is not without risks in the long term.

Economic Update

India: Weak recovery after disappointing year

In 2012-13, growth in India fell to the lowest rate in a decade. We expect a modest recovery going forward. A favorable monsoon is likely to boost growth somewhat, but the current account deficit constrains the room to apply (further) stimulus.

Economic Update

Brazil: Recovery continues to disappoint

Growth in Brazil disappointed once again in 1Q2013. Investment was very strong, but we expect it to become less vigorous in the rest of the year. Meanwhile, private consumption slowed down strongly. We now expect growth of only 2¼% this year.

Economic Quarterly Report

United Kingdom: Has the recovery finally arrived?

There are some signs that the UK recovery is gathering momentum. But the growth outlook remains very much dependent on the external economic envi-ronment. A re-escalation of the euro crisis can throw a spanner in the works. This is the translation of a part from the Dutch version of the Economic Quarterly.

Economic Quarterly Report

China: Disappointing growth not necessarily bad

Contrary to earlier expectations, China’s economic growth slowed slightly. This was not necessarily bad news, as the growth rate remained between 7.5%-8%, whereas significantly stronger or weaker growth would currently both be undesirable. This is the translation from the Dutch version of the Economic Quarterly -


Mannen met halve plannen (Dutch)

De vooruitzichten voor de ontwikkelingen in de wereldeconomie hangen meer dan ooit af van beleidsmakers. En dat stemt droevig. Verder dan halve plannen zijn politici in de meeste landen niet. Mannen met halve plannen, daar gaat onze hoop naar uit.

Economic Quarterly Report

Economisch Kwartaalbericht juni 2013 (Dutch)

Wereldwijd hebben beleidsmakers de monetaire sluizen de afgelopen maanden verder opengedraaid. Ook qua begrotingsbeleid lijkt er een iets andere wind te gaan waaien.


Conditional Euro T-Bills as a transitional regime

Since early 2010, tensions within the Eurozone have risen sharply. What started with a Greek confession that both projections for and past realizations of government debt and deficit statistics were blatantly off the mark, developed into a Euro crisis of systemic proportions.


Doe het op z'n Amerikaans (Dutch)

Het Europese economische herstel wil maar niet overtuigend van de grond. Beleidsmakers zitten met de handen in het haar. Het bedrijfsleven maakt zich grote zorgen over zowel de schrale economische vooruitzichten als de beperkte toegang tot krediet.

Economic Update

Economic Update United Kingdom

The recent batch of positive data suggest that the recovery has arrived. The recent pick up of sentiment and loosening of financial conditions suggest that activity will slowly gather pace in the coming months. But the growth outlook remains weak.