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The Cyprus bailout program

The Cyprus bailout program presented on Monday 25 March is much better than the proposal presented a week before. A Cypriot euro exit has been averted, but the country will face a difficult and uncertain economic future. 

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The eurozone needs an economic fire department

The actions we see when a fire erupts in a building are not unlike those observed during the eurozone crisis. The lesson here is that the eurozone must always have an economic fire department in combination with stronger institutions.


De Italiaanse Januskop (Dutch)

Een januskop is een hoofd dat aan voor- en achterzijde een gezicht heeft. Als beeldspraak is het iets of iemand met diverse en dan met name tegengestelde eigenschappen of karakteristieken. Neem de Italiaanse financieel-economische situatie.

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Italian elections: A lost year?

Given the Italian election outcome, resurgence of political and financial market unrest seems likely. No party has obtained a workable majority and a coalition seems extremely difficult to be formed. In any case, the appetite for further fiscal austerity and reforms will be lower than desired.