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Country Report

Bahrein (Country report)

The largest country risks for Bahrain lie in the political and social spheres. We expect the social unrest originated in the Arab spring uprising last year to continue as the grievances of the Shi’a community are not likely to be met.

Country Report

Israel (Country report)

Israel’s modern, high-tech, open and service based economy is expected to slow from 4.8% in 2011 to 2% in 2012. Contagion from the Arab Spring hit Israel when massive street protests ensued in July 2011, and social unrest could flare up again.

Country Report

Egypt (Country update)

Egypt’s political and economic outlook remains fragile. It is estimated that the country requires roughly USD 11bn in the next two years to prevent a fiscal and/or balance of payments crisis.

Economic Comment

Turkey: growth slows, but worries remain

Turkey’s economic growth slowed in 4Q11. Still, volatile growth rates, combined with large current account deficits and stubbornly high inflation rates remain worrisome.