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The Cyprus bailout program

The Cyprus bailout program presented on Monday 25 March is much better than the proposal presented a week before. A Cypriot euro exit has been averted, but the country will face a difficult and uncertain economic future. 

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The impact of Chavez’s death

The death of Hugo Chávez on Tuesday not only creates economic and political uncertainty for Venezuela, but also for some of its neighbours.

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UK: Osborne loses his cherished AAA

Moody’s decision to downgrade the UK’s government bond rating should not come as a surprise to investors. That said, the lower rating is a huge blow for Mr. Osborne since his austerity plan was partly based on maintaining the AAA-rating of the UK.

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Duitsland: slecht uiteinde, sterk begin (Dutch)

De Duitse economie is in het vierde kwartaal van 2012 met 0,6% gekrompen door een forse teruggang in de buitenlandse vraag naar Duitse goederen. Stemmingsindicatoren wijzen op een herstel van de economie in 2013.

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Eurozone’s growth disappoints in 12Q4

The eurozone GDP contracted by 0.6% q-o-q in the final quarter of 2012. Sentiment indicators suggest the economy will fare better in 13Q1, but we do not expect growth to pick up strongly in 2013 amid severe economic headwinds.

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Thou shalt not beggar-thy-neighbour

The G7 statement released today was aimed at addressing concerns over a fresh round of global currency wars. It is vital that the world leaders denounce beggar-thy-neighbour policies at the upcoming G20 meeting in Moscow as well.

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Dutch economy back in recession

The Dutch economy entered its third recession in four years in the second half of 2012. Recent sentiment indicators point to some stabilization at the start of the year, but the economic outlook remains weak and uncertain.

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Grieks akkoord omzeilt hete hangijzers (Dutch)

Het IMF is met de Europese geldschieters overeengekomen om de Griekse overheidsschuld gedeeltelijk te herstructureren. De genomen maatregelen zijn echter een kleine en nog altijd uitermate onzekere stap in de richting van schuldhoudbaarheid.

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Meevallende krimp in het eurogebied (Dutch)

De economische krimp in het eurogebied was in het derde kwartaal iets kleiner dan een kwartaal eerder. Dat is positiever dan wij verwacht hadden. Wij denken dat de krimp in het laatste kwartaal van het jaar weer sterker zal zijn.

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Economic visibility must improve quickly

Policy uncertainty remains high and this will have negative repercussions for growth. Thus far, financial markets have remained optimistic, but policymakers should not expect this to continue for far longer if policy visibility does not improve.

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How are exposures to periphery evolving?

Domestic residents of the euro periphery countries have increased their exposure to their respective governments as foreigners headed for the exit. This is an unwelcome development since it further reinforces the link between sovereigns and banks.

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China's growth rate slows further

In the third quarter, China's economic growth continued to slow, as had been expected. However, the data also shows some green shoots. We expect that growth will slightly accelerate in the last quarter, implying the growth slowdown has bottomed out.

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Eurozone: nog geen reden tot juichen (Dutch)

De economische activiteit in de eurozone is in het tweede kwartaal van 2012 licht gekrompen (-0,2% k-o-k). Een meevaller, aangezien veel economen -onder wie wijzelf- rekening hielden met zwaardere krimp.