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Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Housing market recovery continues

The recovery on the Dutch housing market continues. The market bottomed in mid-2013, in terms of both price and sales numbers. We envisage a strong increase in owner-occupied sales and a small house price increase in 2014 and 2015.

Country Report

Country Report Uzbekistan

Real GDP growth in Uzbekistan is likely to weaken somewhat in the coming years, but remain sound on the back of high (public) investment growth. Would president Karimov decide to run for another term, political uncertainty will be eased, but only temporarily.

Economic Update Dutch version

Consumer spending creates tailwind for Dutch economy

In our most recent estimate for the Dutch economy, we expressed our expectation of a contraction in consumer spending compared to last year. However, this expectation may yet be exceeded thanks to a recovery in the consumption of durable goods.

Country Report

Country Report Mongolia

Mongolia’s foreign exchanges reserves have decreased rapidly, as FDI in the mining sector has plunged, while import demand has remained high on the back of loose macroeconomic policies.


Vier alternatieve zienswijzen: een ABCD’tje over groei (Dutch)

Het BBP, meet van alles maar slechts in zeer beperkte mate waar het echt om gaat, in ieder geval voor de westerse wereld. Door óf met veel meer indicatoren te werken óf ons helemaal niet meer druk te maken over economische groei, maar wel over inkomensontwikkeling, vermogensverdeling, werkloosheid, milieu et cetera, kunnen we veel verstandiger beleid voeren.

Economic Comment

Argentina defaults again

This week, Argentina was unable to reach an agreement with the holdout creditors from the 2001 default. In effect, this means that the sovereign has now defaulted on its debt obligations for the second time this century.