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Country Report Norway

While rising house prices and low interest rates have boosted growth, they have also led to increasing housing market risks amid high household indebtedness. That said, the strong fiscal position mitigates the risks to financial stability.

Country Report

Country Report Denmark

Growth is hampered by weak external demand and private sector deleveraging. Although the banking sector has come a long way in addressing its weaknesses, challenges remain. Danish public finances are healthy.

Country Report

Country Report Sweden

While weak external demand hampers growth, the country has ample space to stimulate domestic demand through expansionary policy. The strong fiscal position also mitigates the downside risks stemming from the private sector.

Country Report

Country Report Belgium

Weaker growth prospects and political hurdles challenge the government’s commitment to fiscal austerity and the implementation of unpopular, yet necessary, reforms. That said, the country’s underlying economic fundamentals remain strong.

Country Report

Country Report Italy

In 2012, Italy’s GDP contracted amid harsh fiscal austerity measures and ongoing European debt crisis. The weak growth outlook in both the short and the long-term requires firm action by the government.

Country Report

Country Report Finland

The recovery of the Finnish economy slowed in 2012 and the growth outlook for 2013 is weak. The export dependent economy is struggling with weak external demand, but also with structural issues concerning its main export sectors.

Economic Update

Conjunctuurbeeld Italië (Dutch)

Zwakke binnenlandse vraag leidde tot een sterke BBP-krimp in 12K4. Sentimentsindicatoren blijven wijzen op verdere krimp. De beëdiging van een nieuwe regering heeft investeerders positief gestemd maar maakt geen einde aan de politieke instabiliteit.