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Spain: Strong recovery does not justify complacency

To preserve healthy economic growth rates in the medium term, the Spanish government should speed up the labour market recovery and deal with remaining challenges. Elections in 2019 could break the reform deadlock, but not necessarily in a positive way.

Economic Report

India: GDP data revision - Eat your cake, don’t ‘cook’ it

There is much controversy surrounding India’s GDP back-series for years 2004/05 to 2011/12. The discussion now has been politicized, which is undermining the credibility of Indian statistics. This is worrying, especially for an emerging economy which can easily lose the support of international investors.


Lang leve het leren (Dutch)

Langzaam maar zeker surfen we op de conjuncturele golf naar beneden. Die haperende groei hangt samen met de steeds krapper wordende arbeidsmarkt. Hoe gaan we al het onbenut talent in ons land motiveren en verleiden om van de reservebank af te komen?