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Country Report Turkey

Turkey’s economy is heading for a slowdown this year, as external financing conditions deteriorate and the central bank had to hike interest rates strongly to defend the lira. The AKP will likely win the upcoming municipal elections, even as an ongoing corruption probe may cost it some votes.

Country Report

Country Report Romania

Romania has embarked on a gradual export-driven economic recovery, but domestic demand has yet to pick up. Amid rising domestic political tensions, policymaking could come to a standstill until presidential elections are held in November.


Luilekkerland of de participatiemaatschappij? (Dutch)

Velen hebben de laatste tijd geschreven over banen die gaan verdwijnen als gevolg van technologische vooruitgang. Wat mij betreft is dat niet het meest interessante punt. Veel interessanter is wat we wel gaan doen en hoe we de extra welvaart gaan verdelen die automatisering ons oplevert.

Country Report

Country Report United States

The US remains the largest economy in the World, on the back of its highly developed and flexible framework. Bi-partisan politics have rendered the federal government ineffective, but at least the most pressing economic uncertainties have been lifted.

Economic Comment

Woningprijs en verkopen toegenomen (Dutch)

Deze ochtend publiceerde het CBS de Nederlandse woningprijsindex en het aantal woningverkopen voor januari 2014. Zowel de prijs als het aantal verkopen neemt toe. Verder wordt vanaf 2014 de woningprijsindex op een andere wijze berekend.

Country Report

Country Report Tanzania

Bright prospects for the energy sector in Tanzania bode well for the already robust economic growth and gave the country access to international debt markets in 2013.

Country Report

Country Report Bulgaria

In 2013, Bulgaria was plagued by social unrest related to discontent with the high level of corruption amongst politicians. However, the economy benefitted from stronger external demand.

Country Report

Country Report Bangladesh

The January 2014 elections have left Bangladesh with a government whose legitimacy is questioned. With the opposition expected to continue protests and strikes, the risk of more political instability is high.

Country Report

Country Report Japan

We believe Abenomics -consisting of fiscal, monetary and structural measures- is a unique opportunity to end deflation and spur growth. However, political reality shows that Abenomics is incomplete as structural reforms are clearly lagging.

Country Report

Country Report New Zealand

New Zealand suffers from a persistent gap between savings and investment. Growth is currently gaining momentum, but this is mainly credit-driven. House prices are increasing fast and the necessary deleveraging process has been put into reverse.

Country Report

Country Report Australia

Economic growth in Australia decelerates due to lower mining investments. The outlook depends heavily on demand from China for its commodities and the ability to shift to non-mining growth drivers. The Dutch disease makes this move more difficult.

Country Report

Country Report Singapore

Strong institutions and effective policymaking support (potential) GDP growth, while the state’s small size and ageing pose challenges. Healthy balance sheets across the board and a solid international creditor position reduces Singapore’s susceptibility to shocks and financial crises.