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Economic Quarterly Report

The Netherlands: economy picks up more strongly than expected

Last year the Dutch economy emerged from recession with convincing growth figures. Overall the outlook for the Dutch economy is certainly brighter than it was two years ago, with fewer downside risks and strong improvement in consumer sentiment.

Economic Quarterly Report

Economisch Kwartaalbericht in vogelvlucht (Dutch)

De wereldeconomie zal in 2014 en 2015 naar verwachting langzaam herstellen. Over de gehele linie zijn de risico’s iets kleiner dan de afgelopen jaren, maar eventuele schokken kunnen in dit stadium wel grote gevolgen hebben.

Economic Quarterly Report

Global Economic Outlook: sand in the engine of growth?

Although the recovery is likely to continue in the west, global economic growth is picking up very gradually. While a few emerging markets are directly vulnerable to tapering, rapid credit growth may pose a risk to future growth in more countries.