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Special Dutch version

Prosperity in the new economic reality

Economic growth, as measured by GDP, is wrongly considered to be the most relevant measure of progress. A society less focused on economic growth would be a desirable development for a number of reasons.

Special Dutch version

Outlook 2015

In the Outlook publication, Rabobank presents her yearly economic predictions for the coming year. The macroeconomic ‘Outlook 2015’ is published alongside the Thematic booklet ‘Prosperity in the new economic reality’.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Further recovery in 2015

The Dutch housing market will recover further in 2015, despite the scaling back of incentive measures. The number of sales will rise further, and the house prices will increase modestly as well.


Gekochte tijd, vermorste tijd? (Dutch)

Soms krijgt een mens het gevoel dat Noord-Europese beleidsmakers een afkeer hebben van economische groei. Hun beleid kende enig succes, want over de hele linie nemen de overheidstekorten in de eurozone af. Maar de prijs is zeer hoog geweest.