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Latin America: FX, risk, carry and central banks

Latin American currencies remain at the mercy of external factors and in particular global liquidity and central bank policy. And that is unlikely to change in the coming year.

Economic Report

Latin America: cycling on or muddling through?

Economic activity in Latin America is expected to pick up in 2017, though the improvement is modest. Few countries enjoy the room to use monetary or fiscal stimulus to give their economies a hand.

Economic Comment

Latin America: F&A sector dynamics in Brazil

Economic activity in Latin America has been slowing down, but there still are pockets of opportunity. One example is the F&A sector in Brazil, which has performed much better than the overall economy.

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Latin America: turning the populist page

The past year has been tumultuous for Latin American politics, characterised by a shift to the right in election results and away from populism in policy, and numerous corruption scandals. Current risk levels are likely to linger in the coming year.

Country Report

Brazil: rays of light at the end of the tunnel

Political risks have decreased and the economic downturn seems to be bottoming out, but the out-look of the currently dire fiscal position is still uncertain.

Economic Update Dutch version

Green light for the Dutch economy

Recent figures show that the Dutch economy is in good shape. Exports have picked up further and producers are optimistic. Household consumption and consumer confidence have also risen, and unemployment has fallen further.