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Population boom in Africa: a dividend or a liability?

Recent UN data indicate that Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) could, in the long term, benefit from the so called demographic dividend. But for this economic potential to be fulfilled certain conditions have to be met.

Country Report

Country Report Colombia

Colombia is moving closer to achieving peace with the central FARC-command, after president Santos won the second round of the presidential elections. Meanwhile, the economy is booming, presenting both challenges and opportunities.

Economic Update Dutch version

Netherlands: smaller GDP contraction

According to Statistics Netherlands’ second estimate, the size of the Dutch economy shrunk by 0.6% q-o-q over the first quarter of 2014 (compared with 1.4% in the first estimate). The first quarter’s contraction is mostly the result of temporary factors.

Country Report

Country Report Macedonia

Economic growth in Macedonia is expected to remain relatively robust, underpinned by recent reform efforts and FDI inflows. However, impediments to EU membership remain.

Country Report

Country Report Morocco

In 2013, economic growth in Morocco accelerated, but it is likely to slow down somewhat in 2014. Morocco has been able to reduce its twin deficits somewhat, though these deficits remain sizeable.

Economic Update

Italy: a setback, but no game changer

In 14Q1, GDP volume fell again after only one quarter of growth in more than two years. Private consumption, however, did increase for the first time since 2010. Underlying data suggest the economy will muddle through during the rest of the year.

Country Report

Country Report Ghana

Economic growth in Ghana has fallen somewhat, but is likely to remain relatively high. However, high twin deficits leave the country vulnerable to a deterioration of external conditions.