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International house prices and policy

Here in the Netherlands we are glad that house prices now appear to be stabilizing at last, but the same picture does not apply to many other Western countries. How can this be explained? Can we do anything about it? Or is it once again the prelude to a housing bubble?

Country Report

Country Report South Africa

After a highly difficult 2013, in which domestic and global developments exposed South Africa’s vulnerabilities, ANC’s victory in May’s elections should improve policy and economic perspectives.

Country Report

Country Report Brunei

Brunei’s economy contracted by 1.8% in 2013, but growth will be positive, though muted this year. The government has started to gradually introduce a sharia penal code.

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Country Report The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a small yet rich island economy that faces challenges in the area of fiscal consolidation and generating GDP growth.

Country Report

Country Report UAE

The UAE’s economy is estimated to grow at a solid pace of 4-5% in the coming years. Meanwhile, the run up in asset prices has increased fears of a renewed speculative bubble.

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Country Report Bahrain

Economic growth in Bahrain is estimated to slow to around 3% in 2014. Government finances are strained due high social spending and large energy subsidies.

Country Report

Country Report Suriname

The Surinam economy is growing robustly, and growth is estimated at around 4% in 2014 and 2015. President Bouterse remains the favourite for the 2015 presidential elections, despite tensions within his coalition.

Country Report

Country Report Argentina

The devaluation of the peso in January is likely to spur already high inflation in Argentina to over 30% and economic growth is expected to contract slightly in 2014. A new economic team has improved monetary policy.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

After the trough

The Dutch housing market will finally grow again in 2014. In terms of both pricing and the number of sales, we are out of the trough. The recovery is not broadbased yet, arrears still increase and the construction sector will pick up in 2015.