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Country Report Switzerland

The Swiss economy will outperform its Eurozone peers through 2013. Past currency appreciation still generates deflationary pressures, keeping headline inflation in negative territory through 2013. The main risk is that of overvalued house prices.

Economic Update Dutch version

Spain: bright spots are emerging gradually

The bright spots for the economy are beginning to emerge. Sentiment indicators increased considerably in May and June. Further, the two year relaxation of Spain’s budget targets allows the country to avoid a tougher austerity effort going forward.

Economic Update Dutch version

The Netherlands: weakness abounds

The recession probably continued into 13Q2. Domestic demand is set to decline further. A rather worrying development has been the continued decline in the export volume. Unemployment has continued to rise, albeit at a more modest pace.

Economic Update Dutch version

Germany: recovery back on track?

Germany’s GDP grew 0.1% in 13Q1, primarily driven by private consumption. The cold weather negatively affected growth. We expect recovery to pick up some speed in Q2 on the back of stronger construction activity and solid consumption growth.

Economic Update

Emerging Markets: weak external demand

Struggling with weak external demand, many emerging markets are showing relatively weak economic growth. However, in others, strong domestic demand, private or public, is pushing growth to relatively strong levels.