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India (Country update)

Economic growth in 2011/12 slowed to 6.5% from 8%+ growth figures in the years before. This year, economic growth is expected to be 6% to 6.5%. The government is seen as all important to kick-start economic growth, but the ruling UPA is a lame duck.

Economic Comment

India’s budget wins little applause

The budget for India’s fiscal year 2012/13 aims to reduce the fiscal deficit to 5.1% of GDP from 5.9% of GDP this year. With a rise in tax revenue and a more realistic growth assumption, next year’s budget seems more in reach than this year.

Country Report

India (Country report)

Economic growth in India is expected to fall below the ‘magic’ 7% in fiscal year 2011/12. Five state elections are planned for 2012, which will give more information on the popularity of the government.