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Outlook 2013: Lower growth is the new reality

In 2013 the Dutch economy will show a very low growth rate of just 0.25%. Globally, the emerging markets will drive economic growth mostly. We project that, mainly as a result of the euro crisis, the global economy will grow by only 3.75% in 2013.

Economic Comment

Economic visibility must improve quickly

Policy uncertainty remains high and this will have negative repercussions for growth. Thus far, financial markets have remained optimistic, but policymakers should not expect this to continue for far longer if policy visibility does not improve.

Economic Quarterly Report

Recovery Western economies remains slow

After a slowing of growth in 2012, growth in the global economy will pick up slightly next year. The recovery from the recession in 2008/2009 will however be extremely slow in Europe, the US and also Japan.

Economic Quarterly Report

Global Economic Outlook: Growth differences

In many regions, real GDP growth slowed in the second quarter of 2012 compared to the first quarter. Sentiment indicators moreover as yet show no sign of an improvement. We are forecasting only a slight acceleration for next year to 3¾%.

Economic Comment

Central banks to the rescue (Macro Comment)

Central banks from around the globe have recently become more active in supporting growth. These actions are very welcome and may offer some hope for battered Western economies.

Country Report

United States (Country report)

The US economic recovery is expected to continue this and next year, but growth will remain below trend. Any serious attempt to reduce the budget deficit is not expected until after the November 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections.