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Outlook 2015

In the Outlook publication, Rabobank presents her yearly economic predictions for the coming year. The macroeconomic ‘Outlook 2015’ is published alongside the Thematic booklet ‘Prosperity in the new economic reality’.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Further recovery in 2015

The Dutch housing market will recover further in 2015, despite the scaling back of incentive measures. The number of sales will rise further, and the house prices will increase modestly as well.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Housing market recovery continues

The recovery on the Dutch housing market continues. The market bottomed in mid-2013, in terms of both price and sales numbers. We envisage a strong increase in owner-occupied sales and a small house price increase in 2014 and 2015.

Economic Report Dutch version

International house prices and policy

Here in the Netherlands we are glad that house prices now appear to be stabilizing at last, but the same picture does not apply to many other Western countries. How can this be explained? Can we do anything about it? Or is it once again the prelude to a housing bubble?

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

After the trough

The Dutch housing market will finally grow again in 2014. In terms of both pricing and the number of sales, we are out of the trough. The recovery is not broadbased yet, arrears still increase and the construction sector will pick up in 2015.

Economic Comment Dutch version

House sales rising, prices stabilising

Statistics Netherlands, in collaboration with the Dutch Land Registry, has just published the number of transactions and the prices of second-hand houses in the Netherlands for February 2014. Sales again surprised on the upside and prices are consequently bottoming out.