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Money printing: First, do no harm

Can we just print extra money to tackle the corona crisis? We conclude that only seven (!) countries in the world meet our proposed MMT criteria: leaving aside the US, these countries need the rare combination of a sovereign currency, simultaneous fiscal deficit and current account surplus, plus good governance.

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EURIBOR reforms: Same car, different engine

EURIBOR will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, albeit with a new methodology. So there is no immediate risk of disruption. Still, contracts should include robust fall-backs for the eventuality that EURIBOR is discontinued in the future.

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EONIA switches to €STR

€STR was launched in October as replacement for EONIA, which will be discontinued after 2021. The switch to €STR directly affects contracts that reference EONIA and mature after 2021. It may also impact valuations of other contracts.

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USD LIBOR’s days are numbered

Beyond 2021 the publication of USD LIBOR fixings is not guaranteed. SOFR has been selected as the preferred successor. To avoid potential disruption in the event USD LIBOR ceases to exist, robust fall-back language should be implemented in contracts.

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Benchmark reforms: Bigger than Brexit?

Globally, LIBOR rates that have long served as benchmark rates, are being replaced with better alternatives. Widespread reliance on these rates means that introducing new benchmarks comes with potential legal, financial, and operational risks.