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The Netherlands: deservedly core

In this study we argue that although the budgetary outlook and the current political and economic situation in the Netherlands raise some eyebrows abroad, the fundamentals still point out that the Netherlands belongs to the core of the euro area.

Economic Report

Dutch mortgage market: a liability?

Dutch gross mortgage debt totals 106% of GDP, which is higher than any other EU country. While there are certain risks associated with high levels of mortgage financing, the risks are not as high as some suggest.

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Pension Rollercoaster

The fragile recovery of the funding ratio of the Dutch pension funds in the aftermath of the credit crisis has already been thwarted. The financial position of pension funds are deteriorating rapidly.

Economic Report

The rich history of Dutch cycling

This study shows how close the links are between Rabobank and cycling. By delving into a huge number of results from bicycle races we have charted the development of Dutch road cycling since 1970.