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Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly

The Dutch existing homes market is currently under heavy weather. A lack of confidence among house buyers has sapped momentum from the market. Transaction numbers continue to lag below pre-crisis levels.

Country Report

Ghana (Country update)

The large macroeconomic imbalances with which Ghana entered the global financial crisis have narrowed recently. However, there are still sizeable vulnerabilities.


The Return of Sovereign Risk in the Industrialised World

The severe deterioration of asset quality in late 2007 marked the opening act of the financial crisis. A drop in global economic activity during 2008 and early 2009 was next. A wave of sovereign defaults in the industrialised world is step three.

Economic Comment

Is the G20 making an undesirable U-turn?

The finance ministers of the G20 have called for an end to expansionary fiscal policies in their latest communiqué. This can prove costly while households and firms are still busy repairing their balance sheets and facing massive headwinds.

Economic Report

UK Budget: good politics, bad economics?

The UK government claimed that the fiscal consolidation plan will be tough and they certainly did not disappoint. The government plans to reduce its structural budget deficit by 8% of GDP over the next five years.

Economic Report

The rich history of Dutch cycling

This study shows how close the links are between Rabobank and cycling. By delving into a huge number of results from bicycle races we have charted the development of Dutch road cycling since 1970.

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The CIS countries: another ‘Africa’?

While Europe is being dragged into the Greek tragedy, the former Soviet Union is facing completely different challenges. In this article we compare this region with Africa and conclude that there are some striking resemblances.

Country Report

Country Report Morocco

Morocco’s stable growth and banking sector, despite the global crisis, mark the county’s present relatively sound economic state.

Country Report

Morocco (Country report)

Morocco’s stable growth and banking sector, despite the global crisis, mark the county’s present relatively sound economic state.

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Limited direct Greek contagion through banking sector

In the discussion on whether or not governments should bail out Greece, it has often been argued that by providing loans to Greece, the other eurozone governments are rescuing their domestic banks.

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Is Britain the next Greece?

In our view, there are ten reasons why the UK will not go down the ‘Greek path’ anytime soon. But the new government must plug in its fiscal black hole if it wishes to retain its debt sustainability and its cherished AAA rating.