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Country Report

Cameroon (Country Report)

Cameroon performs well on almost all macroeconomic indicators: inflation is low, the fiscal and current accounts are almost in balance and debt levels are sustainable. Nonetheless, GDP growth is low at 2.8% (2010).

Country Report

Serbia (Country Report)

Serbia’s economy is still weak as it posts twin deficits. The balance of payments position is weak as the continuously large current account deficits require debt financing. Even so, Serbia’s external position has improved since the nadir during the global financial crisis in 2008.

Country Report

Kazakhstan (Country Report)

Kazakhstan’s economy is recovering steadily and posted 7% growth in 2010. The main problems in the banking sector have been dealt with, but the sector remains a major weakness nonetheless.

Country Report

Azerbaijan (Country Report)

Azerbaijan has been affected much less by the global financial crisis than some other CIS countries, as it entered the crisis without a large credit bubble or high private external indebtedness.

Country Report

New Zealand (Country Report)

New Zealand prior to the crisis seems to have developed a social convention where the government does the saving, leaving spending to households and firms (making New Zealand the exact opposite of Japan in this regard).


Japans plaats in wereldeconomie (Dutch)

Een kleine maand geleden werd Japan getroffen door een verwoestende natuurramp. Er is al veel gezegd en geschreven over de gevolgen van dit drama, voor Japan en voor de wereld. Alom wordt getracht om de omvang van deze ramp in economische termen te bevatten.