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Emerging markets vulnerability heatmap

The emerging markets heatmap provides a comprehensive overview of the relative vulnerability of eighteen emerging markets. Results show that Asian countries are in relatively good shape, while Latin American countries are most vulnerable.


Emerging Markets Vulnerability Heatmap

We present a ‘new and improved’ version of Rabo’s Emerging Market Vulnerability Heatmap which is constructed from a more comprehensive list of inputs. The heatmap highlights ARS, TRY and ZAR as the most vulnerable emerging market currencies.

Economic Report

Latin America: turning the populist page

The past year has been tumultuous for Latin American politics, characterised by a shift to the right in election results and away from populism in policy, and numerous corruption scandals. Current risk levels are likely to linger in the coming year.

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Latin America: agricultural perspectives

Latin America is an agricultural powerhouse and is likely to remain so given significant resources of unexploited land. The region has achieved respectable productivity growth in the past and it is important to sustain such gains in the future.

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Latin America: the tide has turned

Latin America is slowing down and lower commodity prices play a prominent role. The region is vulnerable to external environment developments, but fairly resilient. Domestic factors give most countries little firepower against external shocks.

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Latin America after the commodity boom

Throughout history Latin America’s fortunes have been tightly linked with commodity prices. It seems we are currently at the end of yet another commodity price cycle. Where does Latin America stand now?