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Economic Quarterly Report

UK: Recession 'made in Downing Street'

UK's economy has been going sideways since mid-2010 owing to harsh fiscal austerity measures. The release of 12Q1 GDP figure showed that the country entered a technical recession. Going forward, economic recovery is likely to remain tepid.

Economic Quarterly Report

Global Economic Outlook: Policy makers rule

The global economy started 2012 reasonably well. We expect there to be a new mild upturn in growth in the second half of the year. But this depends very much on the efforts to deal with the crisis in Europe and economic policy elsewhere in the world.

Economic Quarterly Report

Focus: The grass is greener to the East

As a result of its open character, the Dutch economy fluctuates along with the international economic cycle. The Netherlands is now again in recession, while GDP in Germany continues to grow. Is the grass greener in the East?