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Outlook 2016: Global Economy

Global growth holds up in 2016, but does not accelerate. With the US poised to hike interest rates, the rest of the world waits anxiously. Normalization of monetary policy poses economic risks, but so does keeping it too loose for too long.

Economic Update

Italy: economic recovery around some corner

In 2014, GDP volume shrank with 0.4%. In 2015, the economy is expected to grow for the first time in four years, albeit very slowly. Initially, the recovery is supported by consumption and foreign demand and next year also by fixed investment.


Deflatie in de eurozone: zorgelijk of niet? (Dutch)

Vooral door tijdelijke factoren liep de deflatie in de eurozone in januari op tot 0,6%. De lage kerninflatie en dalende inflatieverwachtingen zijn echter wel zorgelijk. Het is de vraag of QE door de ECB een afdoende antwoord biedt op de deflatierisico’s.