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Daling wereldhandel door terugval Chinese groei (Dutch)

In mei kromp de wereldhandel door teruglopende handel in Azië. Achterliggende oorzaak is waarschijnlijk de terugval van de economische groei in China van begin dit jaar. In juni trok de Chinese handel flink aan, maar er zijn ook negatieve signalen.

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Recent developments in Greece

In the past months, the tensions between Greece and its creditors have grown and so has the risk of a Greek exit from the eurozone. It is only recently that the Greek government seems willing to give in to the tough demands of Europe in return for financial support. Yet it is far from clear when the crisis will be defused and what exactly this will entail.

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Ongoing positive momentum of Dutch housing market

The latest figures from the Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers (the NVM) are positive. Both the number of purchase contracts and the median house price rose relatively strongly in the second quarter of this year. The outlook is positive.