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Eurocrisis: Publieke hulp dekt private vlucht (Dutch)

De eurocrisis is een ver­trouwenscrisis waar private investeerders zich uit de periferie terugtrekken en publieke middelen de gevallen gaten tijdelijk afdekken. De steun is nodig om onwenselijke economische schade in heel Europa te voorkomen.


Mind the fiscal speed limit

The current debate amongst economists regarding the timing of fiscal consolidation is not yet resolved. In this Special we present evidence that fiscal policy has a larger short-term negative impact on growth than the government currently expects.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly February 2013

The second-hand housing market recorded a good fourth quarter in 2012. Prices stabilised and house sales rose considerably. The main reason was that buyers had a strong incentive to sign a provisional sale agreement before 1 January 2013.