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Dominican Republic (Country report)

After having avoided dipping into recession in 2009 on the back of countercyclical fiscal and monetary stimulus made possible by an IMF stand-by agreement, the Dominican Republic’s economic recovery outpaced most of its neighbours in 2010. I

Country Report

Chile (Country Report)

Chile remains a country characterized by good macroeconomic policies and high quality institutions. The country was hit by a heavy earthquake in early 2010, but the impact of this event on country risk has been fairly limited.

Country Report

Jordan (Country report)

Jordan was confronted with some spill-over from the Tunisian democratic revolution, there is strong support among the people for the King. The King is relatively modern, but the country ranks low on the “Democracy Index”

Country Report

Fiji (Country report)

The military coup in 2006 marked a continuation of Fiji’s tumultuous political history. Coup leader Bainimarama has remained in charge since, at the cost of democracy. The coup and subsequent repression has isolated Fiji internationally

Country Report

Brunei (Country report)

The prosperous country of Brunei derives its wealth from an abundance of oil and gas resources. The economy contracted 1.8% yoy in 2009 and is estimated to have grown over 1% in 2010, on the back of higher global commodity prices

Country Report

Nigeria (Country report)

In spite of a growing non-oil economy, Nigeria’s economic development is still very much dependent on developments in the oil sector. Since oil revenues account for 89% of total exports, the economy is extremely vulnerable to oil price shocks

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update Spain

We expect the recovery in 2011 to be sluggish, similar to last year. Domestic demand is unlikely to grow robustly, while export boosting gains on the back of increased price competitiveness have hardly been realised. As such, it is important that wage growth does not rise in line with inflation. Though this is bad for purchasing power and consumption, it is necessary for the rebalancing of the economy.

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update France

The French economy appears to be closing the year strongly in 10Q4, fuelled partly by robust private consumption. When consumers will be restrained in 2011 by austerity measures and slower growth of purchasing power, producers could step in to fill this gap with rising investments. Despite their rising (foreign) order outlook, limited domestic demand and low capacity utilisation mean this scenario is far from certain.

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update United Kingdom

The recovery had plenty of pace in the closing stages of 2010. That said, the services sector weakened considerably. We expect private consumption to grow robustly in 10Q4. But consumption growth in 2011 will be weak amid the upcoming fiscal squeeze.


Asset bubbles, financial crises and the role of human behaviour

Every time we witness a collapse in asset prices or a financial crisis, we seemoverwhelmed. Even the most experienced investors, economic forecasters and regulators are caught off-guard. But if we look closer at the historical data for the past two centuries, we see dat asset bubles and financial crises are nothing new to mankind.