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Sociaal-economische visie op Vianen (Dutch)

Vianen vertoont twee gezichten. De mensen die er wonen werken er doorgaans niet, de mensen die er werken, wonen er doorgaans niet. Daarnaast kopen de inwoners van Vianen ook weinig bij de detailhandel in de gemeente.


The continent is isolated (Dutch)

Met een verminderde Britse invloed maakt de Europese Unie wellicht een draai in een meer protectionistische richting, wat voor een handelsnatie als de onze een zeer slechte zaak zou zijn.


De euro wordt weer gered! (Dutch)

November was de maand van de machtswisselingen in Zuid-Europa. Desondanks wordt december de maand van het (opnieuw) redden van de euro op een –wegens succes geprolongeerde (?!)– ‘top der toppen’ op 8-9 december. Ik merk dat de gelatenheid bij mij een beetje toe begint te slaan.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update Italy

The Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti, faces the difficult task of lowering the budget deficit and enacting structural reforms while the economy is falling back into recession. Under the motto Save Italy, the first set of measures has been passed.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update Germany

Germany’s 11Q3 growth (+0.5% q-o-q) testifies to the country’s economic resilience. Private consumption was the biggest contributor to GDP growth, partly due to the disappointing performance in 11Q2.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update Belgium

Almost one-and-a-half year after the elections there has finally been a political breakthrough. With the announcement of harsh austerity measures in 2012 the new government hopes to reduce the budget deficit and thereby to regain market trust.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update the Netherlands

In the third quarter of 2011, the size of the economy declined. The net contribution from trade was positive, but this engine was not strong enough to drive the entire economy into the positive territory.

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Outlook 2012 (full report)

In 2011, we have seen a sluggish continuation of last year's weak recovery from the Great Recession. There are now, however, indications that the economy is once again heading towards a considerable slowdown in growth.

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Worse before it gets better

We have never actually exited the financial crisis. The problem simply shifted from consumers' assets to the banks balance sheets and ultimately landed on governments’ laps, which in Europe are currently attempting to transfer it to a supranational level.