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Hoe gaat CBDC er in de praktijk uitzien? (Dutch)

In deze special lopen wij de gevolgen van CBDC langs en vertalen die in ontwerpvereisten. Wat naar voren komt is een indirect model. Daarin wordt CBDC uitgegeven door de centrale bank, maar mensen kunnen hun CBDC rekeningen alleen bereiken via private poortwachters. Op deze manier behoeft CBDC geen ingrijpende verandering van de positie van de centrale bank.


Eurozone pent-up demand: big and decisive or over-estimated and uncertain?

A recovery in consumption this year seems all but certain, but expectations about its vigour – underpinned by the ‘pent-up demand’ narrative – could well be too optimistic. Although Eurozone households have stacked up some EUR600bn in additional saving since the pandemic, we argue that a sizeable part of those savings will probably stick. In this research note we explore three scenarios.

Special Dutch version

The Future of Bitcoin

This special answers some questions around the Bitcoin. Bitcoin will probably not be very successful as a means of payment. It is too unstable, too slow and too opaque. However, the Bitcoin could survive in the long run as a high risk asset class.


Scotland: A proxy vote for independence?

The Scottish regional election is potentially shaping up to have a big impact on the future of the UK. Scottish independence has returned to the top of the agenda and the SNP will argue to have a fresh mandate. The economic argument for Scottish independence is weak, but the Conservatives aren’t in the position to credibly make this case.


Comparing G20’s cash cannon in 2020

Advanced G20 countries have really fired up the cash cannon compared to emerging G20 economies during Covid-19. But without this sizeable government spending by both the advanced and the emerging G20 countries, G20’s total contraction could have been four times more severe.


Aarzelend van het aardgas af (Dutch)

De nieuwe verhoudingen in het politieke landschap gaan een stempel op onze energietransitie drukken. Er is géén meerderheid voor één duidelijke vergroeningsstrategie. Het gevolg is dat we aarzelend ’van het gas af’ gaan.


United States: American Rescue Plan

President Biden has delivered a large covid relief package within the first 100 days of his administration that will support Americans at least through early September. By not fully exploring the bipartisan route, Biden has limited the type of policies that he can get through Congress going forward.