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Brexit Update - Blame games

The EU and the UK are treading carefully to avoid any blame when things go wrong, but it remains highly unlikely that a deal will be reached in the next two weeks. This means that there will be yet another showdown in Westminster.


Trump: Impeachment without conviction

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have decided to start an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. While impeachment is possible as the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, conviction is unlikely as long as the Republicans in the Senate continue to support their President.


De blinde vlekken van het pensioenakkoord (Dutch)

Ondanks het pensioenakkoord zijn er veel werkenden – zelfstandigen én werknemers - die helemaal geen pensioen opbouwen. En werknemers die via hun werkgever deelnemen in een pensioenregeling weten vaak niet of deze royaal of karig is. Dat kán ook anders.