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Argentina: open for business

A new government has embarked on a major and much-needed shift in economic policies. The economic recovery is in sight and business opportunities arise in sectors with high catch up potential.


Financiële sector en samenleving in debat (Dutch)

In het rapport Samenleving en financiële sector in evenwicht gaat de WRR het ‘bankbashen’ voorbij om gezamenlijk met de financiële sector na te denken over hoe banken de samenleving optimaal kunnen bedienen. Wij pakken de handschoen graag op.


Trump's executive orders

While executive orders allow the President to act unilaterally, the US political system has several checks and balances in place that give the Congress and the courts the power to derail or overturn his decisions. Trade conflicts are the main downside risk of Trump’s executive orders.