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Is India slipping back into bad habits?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has increased its monetary tap to meet government funding needs. Although the magnitude is nowhere near bad practices around the globe, the option of debt monetization remains tempting, whereas the Indian government should implement reforms instead.


Regeren is vertrouwen (Dutch)

Meten is weten: het stellen van organisatiedoelen en het meten van de voortgang is van groot belang. Maar meten is geen doel op zichzelf. Een pleidooi voor eenvoudigere processen en waar mogelijk minder regels en meer vertrouwen.

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Brexit Update: Flextension, the sequel

Article 50 was extended for a second time during a special EU summit on 10 April. The new cut-off date is 31 October, the date by which the UK must have approved the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) and have translated it to domestic law. An earlier departure is possible as soon as the UK ratifies a withdrawal deal with the EU.


Dolce far… rente? (Dutch)

Draghi’s ambtstermijn loopt over zeven maanden af, maar hij lijkt alsnog een konijn uit z’n hoge hoed te toveren. Betekent dit dat de beleidsrente voor een nog langere periode laag blijft? En gaat de ECB mogelijk nog een stapje verder?

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Brexit Update: In uncharted territory, again

Article 50 was extended during the EU Summit of 21-22 March. The new cut-off date is 12 April, the deadline for UK to either approve the Withdrawal Agreement or come up with a follow up plan that includes a decision on holding European Parliament (EP) elections.

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Brexit Update: Out of control

An extension of article 50 is highly likely now that the British Parliament approved this outcome on 14 March, However, given complications around holding a third meaningful vote on the deal, the final decision on the extension could come as late as 29 March.