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Eurozone GDP surprise masks weakening trend

The Eurozone economy beat expectations in the second quarter, as it grew by 0.7%. We still expect the eurozone economy to enter a shallow recession in the winter, although the risks of a severe contraction due to an energy crisis have increased.

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COVID-19 Economic Dashboard

Hard economic data usually comes available at quite some lag. To gauge the economic impact of COVID-19 we look at more timely economic indicators that are readily available. Data on traffic jams, international flights, and restaurant bookings are released sooner and more frequently. This helps us to better monitor the economic situation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Economic Update

Spain: Reopening of the economy boosts the recovery

The reopening of the economy has spurred economic activity in the services sector. In Q2 GDP grew with 2.8%. The recovery is set to continue with again strong albeit slowing growth rates in the coming quarters. GDP will reach its pre-crisis level end- 2022.