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Bermuda (Country report)

Being renowned for its business-friendly tax climate and sophisticated financial infrastructure, the country has become the largest (re)insurance jurisdiction in the World after New York and London. Maintaining Bermuda’s favourable operating environment for the financial sector is a key policy objective.

Country Report

Trinidad and Tobago (Country report)

The hydrocarbon-dependent economy of Trinidad and Tobago was hit hard by the global economic downturn. Oil and gas prices tumbled and one of the country’s largest financial conglomerates had to be bailed out by the government.

Country Report

Mexico (Country report)

The Mexican economy recovered strongly from the global economic crisis, posting 5.5% real economic growth last year. Benefitting from Mexico’s strong trade linkages with the US, exports initially drove the recovery, while domestic demand remained relatively tempered due to sluggish real wage growth, lower remittances from the US and remaining spare capacity.