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Economic Update Dutch version

The Netherlands: freeze or thaw?

In recent weeks, the Netherlands has been greatly occupied by the predictions of Klaas Knot. Has the economy grown or contracted in the third quarter? Based on the data currently available, no clear conclusion can be drawn.

Economic Update Dutch version

The Netherlands: signs of stabilisation

The Dutch economy is showing signs of stabilisation in some segments. We expect the recession to end in the second half of this year. But a robust economic recovery is not in the cards yet.

Economic Update Dutch version

The Netherlands: weakness abounds

The recession probably continued into 13Q2. Domestic demand is set to decline further. A rather worrying development has been the continued decline in the export volume. Unemployment has continued to rise, albeit at a more modest pace.

Economic Update

Economic Update The Netherlands

The Dutch economy still finds itself in recession. In the first quarter, GDP volume contracted by 0.1% on a quarterly basis. Sentiment indicators do not yet point at a speedy recovery.