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Bail-in: an alternative to bail-out of banks?

According to a European proposal by the European Commission, bail-in is one of the instruments every EU member state should have at its disposal in order to deal effectively with banking crises. This Special Report discusses bail-in in more detail.

Economic Report

Euro crisis: institutional tug-of-war

The Economic and Monetary Union still lacks a credible crisis mechanism. The current ECB approach provides only a temporary solution. A permanent solution most likely requires muddling through for some time yet.

Economic Report

Bail-in alternatief voor bail-outs banken? (Dutch)

Bail-in houdt kortgezegd in dat de ongedekte en onverzekerde vorderingen van schuldeisers van banken kunnen worden afgeschreven of omgezet in eigen vermogen wanneer een bank afstevent op een faillissement. Welke issues gaan hiermee gepaard?