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The voice of Italy

Sunday 4 December, Italians will vote on a constitutional reform that should support policymaking in Italy. Yet the reform is not without downsides. The suggestion that a 'No'-vote would put Italy on a path towards leaving the Eurozone is wrong.

Economic Report

Brexit vote lowers economic growth in the eurozone

We expect that UK’s vote to leave the EU will negatively affect economic growth in the eurozone. We believe that the impact in 2016 is rather small, but we lower our growth forecast for 2017 for both the eurozone and the Netherlands by ¼%-point.


Infographic Stabiliteits- en Groeipact (Dutch)

Eurozone lidstaten moeten zich houden aan de Europese begrotingsregels. Deze zijn opgenomen in het Stabiliteits- en Groeipact. De Europese Commissie moet er aan de hand van een preventieve en een correctieve arm voor zorgen dat lidstaten de regels naleven.