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Economic Update

France: Lockdowns determine economic recovery

Different from other European nations, France has not reinstated a lockdown in the first quarter. Consequently, we do not expect the French economy to contract in the first quarter. For 2021 we expect the French economy to grow by 5.8 percent.

Economic Update

France’s 2019 budget to reduce size of government

French President Macron struggles with low approval ratings and decreasing economic confidence, despite a strong parliamentary mandate for reform and upward economic potential. The 2019 budget proposal reduces the size of government, modest improvements in public finances and stimulus for private demand.

Economic Update

België: gestage groei, maar momentum blijft uit (Dutch)

Economische groei in België heeft in 2017 een voorlopig hoogtepunt bereikt. Alhoewel België relatief goed presteerde na de financiële crisis, loopt de economische groei sinds enkele jaren achter op die van buurlanden.