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Very dangerous European cars part II

Soon, President Trump will announce what to do with tariffs on EU cars. We think he will not hike tariffs just yet, but will keep the tariff threat alive. Within the EU, the German and Hungarian economy are most vulnerable to higher car tariffs in the US.

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Spanish elections: take four!

Sunday’s elections in Spain are unlikely to break the deadlock in parliament. The economy will continue to grow relatively fast in the short term, but growth is slowing while unemployment is still high and public finances weak.

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Brexit Update - Extension rebellion

Whilst ‘Super Saturday’ turned into a Brexit anti-climax, it also became clear that Prime Minister Johnson actually might have the numbers to get his deal through. This may change when the deal will be scrutinized.

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De regio als spin in het web van innovatie en groei (Dutch)

Onze economie is veranderd. Kennis, de regio en duurzaamheid zijn veel centraler komen te staan bij het concurrentievermogen van bedrijven. Nationaal, macro-economisch innovatiebeleid volstaat daarom niet meer. Otto Raspe stelt dat nieuw innovatiebeleid veel nadrukkelijker gebiedsgericht moet zijn.