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Australia: Economic update

The Australian economy is set to contract in Q3, modestly rebounding in Q4. Inflation risk are likely, as gas and freight prices rise steeply. Australia must balance existing economic ties to China with increasing geostrategic ties to the west.

Economic Update

India’s economy gets back on track

Growth of 20.1% in India in Q2 is misleading, as economic output was disrupted by a second Covid-19 outbreak. Going forward, we expect an economic recovery as restrictions ease and mobility increases, fostering consumption and investments.

Economic Comment

Gasprijzen gaan door het dak: wat betekent dat voor Nederland? (Dutch)

De aardgasprijzen zijn in een paar maanden tijd met ruim 200 procent gestegen in Europa en met 150 procent in Azië. Als de gasprijzen op het huidige hoge niveau blijven, kunnen we een aanzienlijke stijging van de inflatie verwachten. Wat is de economische impact van de hoge gasprijzen en wat betekent dit voor ons land en de energietransitie?


German elections: Green means 'Go'

The Social Democrats are in pole position to lead Germany’s next coalition government, but protracted negotiations seem likely. A best guess is that Scholz will eventually lead a ‘Traffic light’ coalition of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. There are, however, considerable divides to bridge and it could potentially take months before the successor to Merkel is finally decided.



US and European natural gas prices have jumped to multi-year highs; to the extent that comparisons with the 1970’s oil crises are perhaps not as far-fetched as some would think.

Economic Report

The US standoff on the debt limit: an unnecessary political game

In October we could see both a US government shutdown and a government default if the spending and debt bill approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday does not pass the Senate. This is a game of chicken between Democrats and Republicans that is completely unnecessary.


Inflatie is risico voor de koopkracht (Dutch)

Onlangs publiceerden wij onze nieuwe ramingen voor de wereldeconomie. Vergevorderde vaccinatiecampagnes hebben een positieve groei-impuls gegeven. Maar tegelijkertijd werpen verstoringen in internationale waardenketens een steeds grotere schaduw over de toekomstige groei in zowel de VS als Europa.

Economic Comment Dutch version

COVID-19 Economic Dashboard

Hard economic data usually comes available at quite some lag. To gauge the economic impact of COVID-19 we look at more timely economic indicators that are readily available. Data on traffic jams, international flights, and restaurant bookings are released sooner and more frequently. This helps us to better monitor the economic situation during the COVID-19 crisis.


Hoe werkt geldschepping? (Dutch)

Over geldschepping en de rol van de banken daarin bestaan veel misverstanden. In deze Special trachten we deze misverstanden uit de weg te ruimen. Daarbij gaat het niet alleen om het proces van geldschepping, maar ook over de kredietverlening.

Economic Update

Spain: Reopening of the economy boosts the recovery

The reopening of the economy has spurred economic activity in the services sector. In Q2 GDP grew with 2.8%. The recovery is set to continue with again strong albeit slowing growth rates in the coming quarters. GDP will reach its pre-crisis level end- 2022.

Economic Update

Australia: From frontrunner to laggard

The transmission of the delta variant and low vaccination rates in Australia, have turned Australia from a frontrunner into a laggard. We have revised our economic forecast for 2021 downwards, as a result of the economic spillover effects of the current wave of, and projected, infections in Q3 and Q4.